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  1. You mean I won't be seeing it running up 79 anymore? Didn't he have a stainless visor on it?
  2. Thank you
  3. Very nice
  4. I just had the pump worked on
  5. I have an 85 r model with a 250 in it. I had the pump rebuilt and turned up. I'm happy with how it runs. I had an 89 with a 350 in it that ran real good this ones not quite as good but does a good job.
  6. I was told Superliners and Mh have one bolt and R models have two. But the mounts on the trans are different between Mack and Fuller.
  7. Thanks for the replies.
  8. The reason WHY I'm thinking of doing it is you can get a fuller for about half the price of a Mack. I had a fuller in my ch and didn't have any problems.
  9. I thought I saw somewhere the pilot bearing needed changed or snap ring taken off. Didn't know if that was true or not. If so what holds it in?
  10. Besides bell housing and mounts does anything else need done when going from Mack trans to a Fuller?
  11. Thanks. I was going to have someone do my Superliner interior but maybe I'll give it a try. Would you happen to remember where the black quilted material came from? I looked on eBay and didn't see any like yours.Thanks
  12. How about a picture of the whole truck.