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  1. If you don't mind replacement quality they are the same as 47-51 chevy pickups, available from classic truck parts of america.
  2. Great point of view. It shows how some things happen for a reason, and things have a way of falling into place.
  3. I was admiring that one on truckpaper, but it was way too far away for me.
  4. I'm trying to swap in a crd93 from a '69 into an '86 the axle splines don't seem to be cut deep enough to slide in. They both are 17 spline, and measure the same size. Anyone ever run into this?
  5. Does anyone know the part number for the threaded pass thru in the head that the solenoid wire hooks to for an e-6 with a dynatard? My dealer looked it up it's the right picture but his number supersedes to a spade terminal.
  6. Flywheel to crankshaft is 185ft.lbs.
  7. I test drove one in a freightliner once, maybe it wasn't running right, but it seemed really short on power. I think they do hang together o.k.
  8. It really pisses me off when people call pickups "trucks". I've got a brother in law that says this, every visit we have to argue about it.
  9. Make sure the shop checks/vacuums out your intercooler for metal. I've heard of guys not doing that and it has cost them big.
  10. Had my turbo go out at about 750000mi. A buddy of mine had the same amount of miles on his 60 series detroit, so he thought he would avoid my trouble and preemptively replace his. His replacement lasted 3 weeks!
  11. Is the e-7 longer in length?
  12. Nope, as it turns out they were 3.87's the truck was originally speced to have come with 4:17 and I swapped them back in. All the 4.42's we ever ran seemed to be indestructible.
  13. Somebody has one for sale on Minneapolis Craigslist. I'm not sure how to post a link.
  14. That sucks. I'm sure it has something to do with poor sales. Any indication of spec. changes on current models to fill the void?
  15. Hey Tracy, there is a '47 Mack on Craigslist in Bemidgi Mn. I'm not sure how to post the link but it might have some parts you need.