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My 1965 B61 goes about 700 miles per year hauling my drill rig. It's only got around 20K on it. I was wondering if there are maintenance issues i'm unaware of. It's really a trouble-free truck wanna keep it that way. Got a 673 na, triplex, tandem, took the air assist steer cyl off and plugged air line(leak) only heavy truck I've ever owned. Any recommendations? Oh gotta couple pics now too-great site and guys here i check every day-thanks

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I put a few thousand on mine every year. I change the oil and filters every spring, do a grease job and make sure everything looks good.

I've put over 10K miles on it so far and not any major breakdown issues yet. A few simple snafu's, but always made it to my destination which could be 50 to 600 miles away.

Note to self: When parking on an side incline, ALWAYS shut the fuel balance tube valve OFF so fuel does not drain to passenger tank and thus leaving NONE to run on LOL!!! Live and learn....it takes near 1/2 hour for fuel to slowlyyyyyy drain back over to drivers tank where pickup is located.



1959 B61 Liv'n Large......................

Charter member of the "MACK PACK"


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