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237 Info Needed


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Best bet is to talk to Mack parts and service people who have been around for awhile. The engine model & serial number should be on the right front of the block by the timing cover. Is it the original oil pan? No dipstick? Could be some trial and error too to see what'll fit inside the frame and steering gear.

PS-Watch Ebay for older Motor's Truck Repair manuals. They go cheap and give a lot of info.

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Hi all I am about ready to install my 237 in my b-85F . I was hoping someone here could tell me how much oil? What is the Oil Filter number? What it the coolant filter number? Also the Fuel filter too? Thanks Jaime :SMOKIE-LFT: java script:emoticon(':SMOKIE-LFT:', 'smid_6')

I would just about bet the farm that John Evans (truxnut on this forum) could answer most of your questions if not all. He is a retired parts guy and he has answered similar questions for me, if he does not answer here you can ask him on the ATHS forum at aths.org he reads that forum everyday.


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Do you have 1 large oil filter or 2 spin ons? If you have 2 spin on oil filters, here is what you need:

2-485GB3191C Oil Filter

1-25MF435B Coolant Filter

1-483GB444 Primary Fuel Filt

1-483GB441 Secondary Fuel Filt

I think the oil capacities are 32 qts for the shallow pan and 56 qts with the deep pan. Don't quote me on that though! :thumb:

Barry - Watt's Truck Center Parts Manager and BMT Webmaster...1-888-304-MACK

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If you have 2 spin on oil filters and the small fitting on your coolant filter, you need a 294C Mack filter kit. It is cheaper than buying them individually. They also have a kit for the large coolant filter fitting. I always used 8 gallons of oil in my 237's....they all had the small oil pans. If you have 2 oil filters with the original pan, you will have the small oil pan. The large pans were used for the extended service interval set-ups which had 3 oil filters. :)

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