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Will a RTO-12513 Mack bellhousing fit onto a RTO-9513 transmission?



Rob it will not untill you have some rings cut to drop down into the counter shaft brg bores to press against the brgs on the 9513. That is a common fix tho to do that. we have a trans rebuilder here that i used to by parts from and they would sell you a bell housing from a 9513 which the brgs set flush with the trans case but would cut the bell housing deeper to use with the 125 or 14613 trans that has the counter shaft brgs out futher than flush of the case. Or you could use a 125 or 14613 bell housing with little inserts cut to drop down in the counter shaft brg pocket to press the brg. 7, 8LL, 9,10,13,15, housing

will inter change in the models along as they are for the right clutch push or pull and they are a 9,95, 125,146 series if you use the inset or cut the housing method. One moe thing is a 9513 or 15 or 10 can have a 2" input shaft but most have a 1 3/4" All 125 series will have a 2" and they all can have a push or pull type clutch input shaft.glenn

glenn akers

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