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2007 Mack CV713 transmission

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Start by telling the guys here everything you can about the truck.  Manual or auto?  VIN number?  Shift plate picture (if it has one)?

Lots of experts on here.  Some of them are downright amazing.  A couple of them can even look up the VIN number and tell you more about the truck than most of us could if we were standing in front of it!  But, they will need a little more information to get them started. 

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On the side of the tranny, I mean transmission, rear ward of the big fill plug, is letters and numbers stamped into the case.  The model will look like "T- 30??...  For example, T-310M ..  if you have a ten speed with the yellow fwd. Rev. Button on the side of the shifter, that is likely a T-310 M..  but just like DCW says, more info please.. Jojo

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