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Oil dip stick tube HELP

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Hi guys new to the site I read all the time sounds like we all have the same bug Mack trucks ! So anyhow Ive been wrenching on Macks for a long time most of my life I own a RD 686S 1985 made in Canada has the 5 ft rear spread 285 engine mounted intercooler twin stick 6 20 front 44 rear tri axle just sp you guys know what ur dealing with. So im replacing the air compressor and I cant get the dip stick tube out. The packing nut is pipe thread it loosens up bout 1/4 turn but whole tube spins with nut ive sprayed with kroil , long wrech all my mite , and heated it thought the tube was egg shaped but its not. I cant remove compressor with it tje its rite up against it. There still available at 100.00 if I have to cut it any help would be awesome n make my week truck needs to go back to work Thanx alot Eddie


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If it uses a compression nut and "olive", they can stick, sometimes there is no out but cutting. If you have to replace, make sure the old and new are the same length.

 When the tubes on my cabovers rusted, I replaced with stainless tube. the end that the dipstick tightens in (bell mouth) was just brazed onto the tube, and I transferred to the new stainless.

 That said my cabover might be different from what you have. A picture would help. The fitting that screws into the block is two parts, you hold the bottom and turn the top hex. Kinda sounds like the bottom is turning with the top, keeping the tube captive.

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Can you heat the tube and straighten it, un screw it, then when it's back in, heat and bend it back... 

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