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I have a engine overhaul manual on the E5 somewhere. Back at the dealership, there was a customer wanting to buy 2 RD’s but said our quote was to high and he could get them much cheaper at another dealership. Well he bought 2 new RD’s and brought them to us for low power complaints with in a month. You guessed it E5. We were like “ What  the hell is a Midliner engine doing in there “. 

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They come up for sale every now and then. They made an E3 too but I think they have one cylinder head instead of multiple like the E5. Does anyone know what Renault called these engines? Were they a 100% Renault design with all metric or did they have some Mack in em? 



And wow I didn't know Mack brought over Scania engines for their own trucks. What model of engine were they labeled and sold as? 

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