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injection pump

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Was wanting to get my injection pump rebuilt but mack said only 50/50 chance of getting parts anyone know where a person could buy a rebuilt according to them need specialty tools to install cause of timing 1987 E6 350 4V Pump Model 300 PLM 4503638

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That's an ambac pump, correct? 

Our local pump shop we've used for years won't rebuild them anymore because of parts I assume. I'm sure you can find one somewhere though with enough searching. 

If it's an ambac, you don't need anything special to install it other than a rig to hold the gear while you torque the retaining nut, assuming the new pump comes without the gear installed... 

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1 hour ago, mack88 said:

see what happens might look for something with cat with 3406B

Like injection parts for a 3406B or a truck with a 3406B?  On the chance that it Is a Bosch pump and not an Ambac those are real easy to find people and parts to rebuild them. Why do you think your pump needs rebuilt? 

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truck with 3406b. Flutter at low rpms loses hold prime after 2 days local mechanic said guy had issue with his losing prime to R600 changed all the fuel lines and it was good after that he said those braided lines suck air over time i'm sure mine are original so hes making new lines for mine. I'm not sure what type of pump mine is but will try and find out its a nice truck shame that parts are obsolete. 

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