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2003 Etech 350 timing cover


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Trying to chase an oil leak on the front of our 2003 mr688s. ETECH 350. What's involved in pulling the timing cover to reseal it?  Truck needs a new radiator some time anyway as this one is weeping the faintest amount, so access will be great if I combine tasks.

Anything I should look for while in there? Truck has 27,000+ hours, 400k+ miles.

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To pull the timing cover. Remove the fan only, steering pump, oil pan, harmonic balancer,crank hub, (installing the hub requires baking it in a small oven to 250 degrees) and very quickly putting it on til it seats.  This part can be tricky.. need to remove the front engine mount stand and support the engine with a jack stand and wooden block. Then gently work it loose. There are 2 line up dowels, so twisting it loose won't happen. Take note of the seal position, for installing the new one, also,, look at the hub for a groove. If so, you can either buy a new one, or set the seal a little deeper.  With caution... I can post more info as you go..

I strongly suggest that when you get the cover off, you make sure the 2 little pipe plugs in the fuel galleries are tight and sealed.. you will use a 1/4" drive ratchet to check them. Jojo

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