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519 ED injectors and information

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Hello all, I am new to forums so forgive me for any mistakes I make. I currently am working on a 519 ED Lanova diesel engine and am looking for injectors and or a possible alternative injector for this engine. The information I have is mostly coming from the War Department Tech manual TM 9-1818A for the Mack NR 10 ton truck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Joey, 

I can help you with what you asked on. I rebuilt injectors on my Lanova ED519 and could locate new nozzles for. I don't have the part# handy since I'm on a road at the moment and info you need is in a copybook at home. I hope to be there in a couple of days. You may PM me and remember about your need. 

Speaking short procedure of change of nozzles is relatively easy. The same for the crack pressure setting. I have done both myself using a simple stand having about no experience on that before. 

Also I too would like to know what truck has the engine you work on? 


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Vlad, thank you for replying. Just to let you know the engine I have came to me partly disassembled along with a END 672 also disassembled and have been trying to separate and ID parts. The injectors I have are Bosch AKF-100s for the END 672. I have no injector arts at all for the ED 519. From the book I have I see the original injector was a AKB. The Chassis this engine is going in is a Mack FT.


Joe B

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