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Heater core coolant flow

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Getting my re-freshed 235 fitted into its R600 chassis.  The donor truck had the heater core fed from the valve on the back of the water manifold, as shown in the picture.  With the other end going to the water pump.   Where as the previous engine in the truck was fed from a water jacket on the passenger side of the block, behind the compressor.  

Which of the two options would provide the best heat output?  Im thinking from the water jacket.   At least it should have heat a bit sooner as the engine warms up.


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Re-visiting this topic.

Im now at the heater box, putting together 1 heater box out of two.    Same boxes, same dimensions, different heater cores.  One appears to be a 3 row and much bigger.   I'm assuming this one would give off more heat?   Your thoughts?




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