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Mack ch613 Rear height

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How'bout I just help you...  :) park the truck on level ground....  keep air pressure bove 90 psi by running it or shop air.... set 2 wheel chocks at a steer tire, 6 inches from the tire, both front and rear of the tire...  ( this allows the truck to move for the adjustment) ...  then, release the brakes, and let the truck settle.....  then dump the suspension all the way...  let it rest a minute.....  then raise the suspension, till it stops and let it rest....  Leave the park brakes released..  then you measure from the bottom of the frame rail to the bottom of the 'Z Spring' where it sits on the axle or pad.. You take the measurement on the axle that has the leveling valve on it.  The correct range is 5 1/4"  +/- 1/8"...  To make the adjustment you can move the control rod by loosening the clamps and sliding the rod up or down..  If you have a 2003ish and later, there is a slot in the frame rail for a big screwdriver.. you will loosen the pinch bolt there, and rotate the slot with the screw driver to raise or lower the truck..  when you set it, go back to the beginning and check it again..  



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https://pdf4pro.com/cdn/service-bulletin-mckenzie-tank-lines-7fe6.pdf   The measurements are taken on the front drive axle . Truck on level ground . Brakes released. I always lowered the suspension then raise back up with the dash switch. Measure from bottom frame rail to the bottom of the Z spring between the U bolts . Make sure your measure the bottom of Z spring and not the saddle that the Z spring sets on . There are many heights depending on suspension type  and frame rail height. I believe there is a newer bulletin but this should cover most trucks before 2015 Some old R models and Superliners with dual leveling valves are not included in this bulletin. 

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