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Will a quadruplex that is mated to a gas 707 fit on a diesel 673?

Craig N
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Depends if it is a baby quad?  If it was an original gasser it likely is the small quad.  Not something you want to put much torque through.

Look on drivers side of the main box and find the milled flat spot.  It will have numbers stamped in it.


I don't know the numbers for a small quad, but the large one would be like "TRQ 7220".   The "q" is for quad.  If it is TRT, its "t" for triplex.  TRD is "d" for duplex.  The numbers denote ratios and how many OD it is.  "722" would be single OD.  "7220". The "0" means double OD . 

Just some basic information for you.  There was a listing posted on here that laid out all the trans codes and ratios.  I printed it off 20 yrs ago.

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just spotted this thanks larry i bought a trannsmission,,around 20 years ago for mine because the one in there is junk,all these years i wondered if it would actually fit...its a TRT 20 aluminum case and its huge al rebuilt still not sure about alignment since the date on it appears to be 1949.lol.bob

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