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Truck issues

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Couldn’t get the bulletin for you so I just copied it for you. 

“A coolant level sensor that is leaking internally can result in damage to the engine electronic control unit (EECU) due to coolant “wicking” or migrating down the harness. To prevent this from occurring, an anti-capillary jumper harness (part No. 41MR31560M) has been developed. Whenever a coolant level sensor (part No. 64MT466) is replaced, installation of the jumper harness is recommended.
If a leaking coolant level sensor is encountered (as evidenced by coolant inside the harness connector), replace the sensor and install the anti-capillary jumper harness. Additionally, disconnect the J1 connector from the EECU and check inside the connector for signs of coolant, and also check the connector pins for signs of corrosion. If the pins are corroded, replace the EECU and the engine harness.
When installing the new sensor, hand-tighten the sensor until snug, and then use an accurately calibrated torque wrench to tighten the sensor to 35–40 lb-in (4.0–4.5 N•m). DO NOT exceed 42 lb-in (4.8 N•m) MAXIMUM torque. Connect the jumper harness to the coolant level sensor, loop the excess harness and use tie wraps to secure the loop. Connect the other end of the jumper harness to the engine harness connector.”

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19 hours ago, mackey58 said:

Thank you.i couldn't find my files with that bulletin in it we will ck the eecu.im sure it up .I love electronics  lol

Your welcome. Let me know how you make out and what you find. 

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