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T310 transmission removal


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never saw a removal requiring clutch assy removal, have had times pressure plate needed loosening  -- very rare. had one occasion removal trans would go 1/2 way and dead stop. check all over, (so i thought)no lines attached , fork rotated enough . after a long time= embarrassed to say actual ;LOL .. a small pebble/ rock was on the ground jamming trans jack wheel. rolled back and forth till the rock stopped it. EVERY removal after that the floor was swept, cleaned with air hose.LOL, top crossmembers or compressor line on top had a habit of catching trans , stopping removal also. have seen a pilot bearing frozen to input shaft , would jam the trans from coming out.how far is the unit separating  from eng before stopping? 

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We would often remove the clutch from the fly wheel in RD applications due to the lack of space under the cab! Just sayin!

It actually is a lot easier to re and re this way !  doing it this way! no wasting time aliening splines yada yada  ! The hardest part installing is getting the pressure plate bolts started back in once you got two or so bolts started your laughing!

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