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1949 Type-45 wiper arm/blade?

Pacifica Pete

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I took our departments type-45 to the local high school car show today (not a bad day at "work"). It was very foggy in the morning and I had to use the ol' rag technique a couple times to clear the windshield - so I've decided it's time to finally source a wiper arm/blade. The truck hasn't had one as long as I've been associated with it. 

Does anyone know what arm/blade assembly I will need? The wiper motor is a Vacuum actuated Trico unit. based on the windshield height, it looks like The total length of the arm/wiper blade should measure around 14" or so. It doesn't have to be the exact original one as long as it looks generally "period" and is functional. Any help appreciated. 



wiper motor 2.jpg

wiper motor.jpg

wiper motor 3.jpg

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