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Has anyone installed one of these Red Dot units in a early/mid 80's R model? I don't currently have air conditioning but might add it at some point. Currently my heater box is completely trashed and I'm looking to upgrade. My concern with this unit is the ductwork and fan motor fitting. Maybe it's way bigger than it looks in the picture? If the heat/defrost would work well it would be worth the money even if I didn't add all of the other components for air conditioning. Screenshot_20220507-055746_Chrome.thumb.jpg.013f516b1bed7fdeffdae9f4ee01847d.jpg

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I hope they are okay, I have spent the money a little while ago 

Have to chop mine up as it is for LHD and I have to make mine RHD 

There was a thread on here some years ago and these are the best for under the dash type of AC in a R model 


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Once you get past the firewall re drill you will be ok.

the wiring is different, blower motor will need a couple of wires to  the control, and you have to run an air line to the cowl vent actuator. it is tight i did mine alone.

get someone to help.....

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