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Power Steering Gear Box (Mack)


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Looks like two of the same topics in a row. I have a 1978 Mack power steering box. There is a lot of play in the steering, when you move the steering shaft back and forth there is a ton of play.  I am looking to have it rebuilt or replaced. I am unsure if it was factory or added after. So my question is, any ideas of a shop that will rebuild it or replace it? What should the ball park price be? I have it off the truck and will reinstall it.

I am in the central NJ area.

Only part number I can find is on top of the pump is 402893 if that helps.



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8 hours ago, mowerman said:

My DM has the same problem around 7 inches of play but it looks like outer bearing is most of it.. bob

outer bearing ? meaning out put shaft bearing  not the steering shaft u-joint?  7+- that's considerable play have you tried the fluid/ filter change yet. DM - sheppard box with outer rack and pinion adjuster. 

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No I haven’t done anything to it but when I move the steering column you can see the out shaft moving or at least that’s what it looks like when I get ready I was just going to take it off and bring it someplace but you’re saying they may be adjustable????? 

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i can't get the proper picture. one unit has a "hole "in the frame behind the box to adjust  rack & pinion. manual ?  i see the effects of the old age memory situations ; don't remember last nights dinner and seem to be forgetting yrs ago things also. also there is a combo that input shaft goes in=out alot if you turn steering wheel with unit off.

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