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Steering Wheel

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Well, the steering wheel I bought on ebay won't fit my truck. Mine has a 1-1/16" spline OD and this wheel has a 15/16" spline. It's a 22" wheel, from a later truck-60's? 70's? I paid $175 for it so if anyone wants to buy it I will sell it for that much plus shipping. It's got some small nicks and scratches, and the center hub has a little damage on it but there are no cracks anywhere. PM me if you're interested.






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Well that sucker is in really good shape I would love to have it but I already decided to change the color of my interior since I got a perfect brown one I am sure you won’t have any trouble getting rid of it….. But yes I will definitely take it off your hands if there is no takers . I didn’t think it was gonna fit but I thought it might be possible. bob

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