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E7 mack mechanical injection pump will only idle

Rock dump mack

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is the throttle link slipping on the throttle shaft?   if so, you can pull the 'D' shaped spacer out of the arm to get it tight untill you get a new arm link..  just be carefull that you dont damage the shaft..jojo

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If it will still idle and idle with out any missing then it may have a stuck rack.But do as JOJO said and make sure your linkage is ok and the lever is ok.And to make sure you have fuel pressure you need a gauge on it.If the pressure has dropped enough to cut the rpm back it would be cutting out and not idling good.Last check is pull top off of governor with engine dead watch the rack and pull the stop to kill and then release it to the run position and then push the fuel lever in full fuel position and watch the rack move in and out.

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glenn akers

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