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END 673 Lifter Part Number


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I am working on a B-61 with a END673 in it. Up until now it has run well but I recently put an exhaust on it and the quieter exhaust revealed a popping sound in the intake. I adjusted valve lash and, in doing so, discovered that one of my exhaust valves had severely diminished travel. I took the oil pan off and confirmed that the lifter surface has been damaged and the cam lobe went with it. I've been able to source a new cam and bearings but in looking for parts, I have a hard time finding lifters for the 673 but there are plentiful parts for the E6 engines. It appears that the E6 lifter is the same (save for a slight geometry change on the push rod socket which can be accounted for with E6 pushrods). Can anyone confirm that the E6 lifter (Part number 72GC357) will fit a 673 before I spend a lot of money to find out the hard way?



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Well... I looked in the book shown, my E-6 2 valve book, and my E-6 4 valve book, and cannot find the lifter part #. The book i posted does have a ton of part numbers for all areas of a Mack and even midliner info.  I was lucky enough to have a friend at Mack, who was willing to print this for me.. There is a lot of E-6 part numbers in it...  jojo


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