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88 RD688S air leak

Eli S

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Hi there, I’m a new driver and my truck is an 1988 Mack RD688S. It’s not in the best condition (which was expected). There is an air leak that I knew existed for sometime, I recently just found where it is coming from. It is leaking from an air line leading to what ever that is. (Pic will be posted). If anyone can tell me how to stop the air leak that would be great! Thanks! 


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29 minutes ago, Onyx610 said:

That’s the air compressor governor. You can try tightening it, taking it off and putting some sealer on the threads, or replace the fitting. There are plenty of options. 

he said it was the line going to the govenor. probably the one to the compressor.    terry:MackLogo:

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