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I have a 08 Mack chu and it quit purging


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If your talking about the air drier you can replace the cartridge on the air drier if that does not do it clean the air line that activates the air drier its a small line that can get choked off with oil and muck from moisture

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Typically what I have seen when the cartridge needs changed is that it’s slow to build or won’t build air at all. Could be governor, purge valve, unloader valve stuck, or you have a decent air leak between the compressor and air dryer. Just to name a few things…does the truck build air, does it build at a normal rate, does the compressor cut out at its normal psi? Anything been done to the truck before this issue started?

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The truck is building air fine..when it first started my I noticed that the air gauge was at 150 so I stopped bleed the tanks then let it build back up and I noticed it was blowing no air out of the release valve or the purge valve..then the compressor started ticking like it wasn’t shutting off

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