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Oil Leak


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So I am new to this and have recently bought a 1965 Mack C85FD fire truck equipped with a ENDTF673 Diesel. The trick has power steering. Both the compressor and power steering are run off the back of the linked by 2 belts. Any how I noticed an oil leak up near the very top of my compressor and it is running down over the power steering pump. I have wiped it off a few times and notice it comes back with the truck off and sitting for days. The leak isn't big but noticeable. I have tried to look for the source, but can really see it because my view is blocked by the exhaust pipe and turbo. There is a line running into the block near there. I can clearly see it is not leaking. Does that air pump have an oil line up high or some type of removable head the could be leak oil out. Thanks !

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Yes. You can buy remanufactured compressors so they can obviously be rebuilt, however I'm not certain if you can buy a parts kit to do it yourself. I'm guessing most likely but someone else on here will know for sure.

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