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Mack MR Throttle

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Hey everybody,

First time posting. First, I just wanna thank everyone. Ive learnt a great deal throughout the years thanks to this site just by browsing around most times. Ive got a question to ask.  Im very concerned about aging wires and harness on an 01 Mack MR688S with an e7-350 E Tech engine. Awesome engine, never give much trouble except for the time to time wiring issues (oil pressure harness, range sensor harness..., the VECU that once went bad on me, etc. I wanna keep this truck going and wanna consider keeping an E7 Mechanical engine as a back up. I've read great things on the E7-Mechanical. My only issue is the mechanism for the mechanical throttle for this particular model.  Would anyone happen to have a diagram with part numbers showing how this MR cab over model's mechanical throttle works and what parts are needed?

Also, if anyone know of someone that sells an aftermarket wiring harness set up to run the etech engine as a stand alone from the rest of the trucks original harness, I would also consider that path.

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Sorry can’t help this time and I can’t show you my mechanical throttle set up …. Because I am unable to post photos as of about 3 months  ago ..:: I don’t know why..: as far as wiring harness, I would start poking around on Google or check Hemings motor news … hope that at least a start…. Good luck… bob

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