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Hydraulic Power Steering questions 1975 RS

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Recently  acquired a 1975 Mack dump truck, Has hydraulic power steering in the configuration of a ram on the opposite side of the truck from the steering gear. In town the system is butter, steering is the easiest of anything I have ever driven. On the road anything over 45 starts to get a little sketchy. roads here aren't the  smoothest and steering wanders a little and lags a bit, holding the steering wheel steady the power steering seems to alway pull it back straight just doesn't have a super positive connection to the steering wheel. All the joints are nice and tight.

Seems the hydraulic steering is actuated by the shaft pushing itself in and out riding on the gear.  Seen other trucks that seem to have the same method of running the power steering but have significantly more resistance to moving in and out putting more pressure on the actual steering gear. Pulled the whole unit off and checked for and lash in the main gears and to see if there was anything a miss but all looked ok. Any advice on making the steering a little more positive?



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important to check your toe in we always set it at 1/8 of an inch also worn king pins and a worn drag link will cause you this kind of trouble as well as any combination of wear in these as well as tie rod ends

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My DM steers extremely easy also start turning the steering wheel and it pretty much starts turning by itself.:. Not sure if it supposed to do that but like dday says That’ll probably do it that’s what it usually is… good luck.. bob

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