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EDNT-675, 235hp 3B family

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Picked up a new to me 76 R685 single axle.   I thought it was a 237 but the tag says ENDT-675, 235hp and a 3B engine family.   Can someone explain to me the difference in 237 and 235/ENDT-675 and 673?   And what is the 3B engine family all about?



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I believe the B is related to having a Dynatard, upon further research...however this one does not have the wires going to the valve covers, nor a switch on the dash...

As for application, its in a single axle 1976 R685 that was left for dead.  I bought it and am bringing it back to life, in hopes of giving it another round. 

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If the engine is stamped B, yet doesn't have dynatard valve cover wires or a dynatard switch on the dash (I have not been under the valve covers yet to see what exactly is or isn't under there), could this possibly mean the engine has a dynatard cam, but just no dynatard stuff under the valve covers?

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