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 Hello, I am considering buying a 2003 Mack CH 600 with E7 engine with 427 HP. I am not familiar with Mack other than I know they are tough vocational trucks. I do know this one is  a non EGR engine. 150,000 exam verified miles. Are these engines durable/reliable or high maintenance? Any info greatly appreciated!

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2003 was a great year. Most bugs were worked out of them. The biggest deal with these engines was their valve train. Lack of maintenance will shorten the life of the engine. They required valve adjustments a on yearly basis. They had these valve yoke adjustment screws for engines with Jacobs engine brake that we replaced regardless if they were in spec. When these wore out the valve bridge would apply excessive pressure to one side of the bridge pin and cause the pin to snap off. From there the engine would grenade. Don't expect this little 12L engine to out pull a big block Cummins or a CAT. But for what it is its a great engine. 


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