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Looking for info on 40s fire truck and parts.


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I used to drive this truck ages ago and loved it. Truck went missing for over a decade, and just turned up at a salvage yard near me. I pulled the grill to refinish and hang in my shop. It’s in rough shape but all the slats are still there and the mechanism to open/close them still works. Only problem is the bulldog is gone and I’d like to replace it. Not sure where to source that other than eBay and not sure if there is a specific model I need. All I remember about the truck is that it’s from the mid/late 1940s. 

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! 


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 looking at the pump panel there is a lever to engage the pump from Road to Pump, about the front fender right where it comes down toward the tire if it is rounded on the side I would say it was pre 50 ,if it is more straight  I would say 50's . like said previously my  # is 1709 .   also with the wheel type I would guess it came from the west (budd type) as the spoke was more popular on the eastern states

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On 2/10/2022 at 9:37 AM, FDNYTRUCKScom said:

you have the Ex Chanute rig?

Sorry, just saw this. Yes, the Museum sent me over all of the details on it. It is red now, but I believe it was green originally. I have someone interested in purchasing it and I'm looking for a few remaining parts to get it running again.

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