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55k - 65k frame dimensions and Identify help

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I like to know the width between the outside frame perches on 55 and up rears - 34” possibly... asking from left side to rt side not front to rear

Also I think 55/58/65 all have the rounded cone and 5” wide springs .... how do you discern between the 3


also is there any non cone axles that use 5” springs ?





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The width between the frame rails depend upon a chassis model. I.e. R-model has one distance and MH or RW another. So answering your question is impossibly not knowing the truck's model. Also a point the basic distance between the rails at the rear is established by the bogie stand (for Camelbacks). For example a standart R-model has its stand with two steel stripes welded along each side and singe rails of 1/4" thick added to the sandwich gives you 33-1/4 overall width. If the rails are 3/8 for a RD-model you have 33-1/2 because their extra thickness goes to the outer sides. If you order double frame the inserts fit inside the main rails and those spoken stripes on the stand go away. So the width keep its original size. This approach allows you to count out the particular width for a truck with heavy rails (which supposed to be used with heavy rears you pointed out) if you know the width for basic rails of the model you deal with.


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On 12/31/2020 at 4:27 AM, macks and brockways said:

I didn’t know the ears that the frame sat in vary. 

Do you mean "elephant ear" brackets of a heavy suspension? As I said the frame's width varies. Don't remember seeing any spacers put between the ears and rails. They could be easily machined to be used on different frames to keep the same between the spring distance. I saw that on R-model rear engine mounts. The same castings but factory machined off along the mounting surface to clear up the inner rail (insert).

Check out this tables. You can see the frame width there.





Никогда не бывает слишком много грузовиков! leversole 11.2012

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