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Help! Need advice on opening B series door with no handles.

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I have a B series that is missing the outer door handles.  The inner handles appear to be intact.  The glass is up so I don't think I can get a coat hanger in there to pull the inner latch.  Any advice on how to get the door open?  I felt around through the opening but couldn't get ahold of anything.



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Look straight in the large hole and you'll see the square hole the handle goes in. I *think* a 1/4" ratchet extension may fit or find a piece of small square stock that fits. A flat blade screwdriver would work in a pinch if it fits well. Rotate the square part counterclockwise and the door may (should) open. On mine the latch mechanism was blown apart and required removal of the inner door panel.

If push comes to shove, removal of the lock bead and the rear window is another option.

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