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1949 fire apparatus graphics

Pacifica Pete

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Hello all,

Does anyone out there in Mack Land have a better picture of this corner scroll artwork? Or possibly an engine still featuring this artwork? I am trying to reproduce it on the engine in the picture which was repainted without regard to restoring the stripes, lettering, etc. I don't actually know if it was applied by Mack (perhaps someone here knows if Mack did graphics on the engines they produced?) or locally. 

Any help appreciated!



scroll closeup_LI.jpg

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This was our 1947 Mack pumper. I don't have a closeup of the scroll but our 1949 Mack pumper had the same scroll so I'm

guessing that it was a standard Mack design. For the most part, New England Mack fire trucks were basic, no frills work horses.

Dependability was considered more important than "bling".

hose 4.jpg

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On 10/25/2020 at 9:55 AM, yarnall said:

Sorry about the glare.  I can email higher resolution pictures. Mike. 


Mike Thanks very much this is super helpful! I sent you a private message regarding the high resolution/email. I find it super cool that this is a "factory" design and I'm looking forward to trying to recreate it. I'll post photos of what I come up with once I have some.



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