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Quiring D9

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Found this the other night.  The Quiring guys (from Highway Through Hell fame) apparently found themselves a D9G to help pull big stuff out with.  They have posted several videos of the tractor in use.  Seems like I read that they have both 8s and 9s.

Interesting thing about this video is the tractor rearing up while pulling with the winch.  I remember having that happen a lot when we used winches with the elevated roller over them (we called 'em "logging winches" because that's where they were at their best).  Didn't happen when the cable came straight off the drum like most of our stuff was set up.  That's a lot of nose up in the air!

Looks like they could use new grouser bars on the tracks!  They're kinda' worn down.

Anyway, these are some pretty good clips to watch.



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