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Constant draw

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with negative wire unhooked from all four batteries..... test light hooked to negative terminal on battery checking negative cables.... test light lights up. All wires on the strip have power ( which they shouldn't). When i disconnect this i lose power or (short) on my ground. What is this box for ?


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ok...with ground wire disconnected from all batteries. With test light hooked to ground terminal on battery... I'm getting power at three wires attached to left side of box. Is that because its just searching for a ground at that point? If i hook test light to ground terminal on battery snd then to ground wire thats suppose to be on terminal i have power. If i disconnected that box i lose the power on ground side. Does that mean that box is bad. I also have power to wire tree on all wires on left hand side with key off. Relay in dash is wrking to par. Cab fan turns off with click in dashboard

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A couple of dumb questions.

1. What truck is this on?

2. What kind of system are we looking at (neg ground, pos ground)?

Maybe, if we know about what you're working on, we can help more.


But, here are a few things to think about.  Sometimes, the best way I have found to troubleshoot electrical systems is to start disconnecting individual systems/circuits (regulator, generator, ignition switch, etc.) and see if the situation changes.  I have seen a bad voltage regulator bleed one dry in no time.  Disconnecting it stopped the bleeding.

Maybe you can disconnect a terminal at a time from the junction box and see what happens?

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