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Radiator for B61 with END711

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Is there anyone making new radiators for the B models? I have a radiator but the steel brackets are pulled loose from the tanks and the steel is rotted away. Theres a radiator shop about 45 miles away but not sure if this one is worth saving. Also, are the radiators from a end673 and a 711 the same? Yes, Im getting manuals for the truck. Just trying to get a jump on parts.

Thanks in advance.


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most 711's had the bigger 720 radiator like the 673 turbos had, they barely fit in the horse collar and around notched around the two 5/8 bolts in the bottom. most natural 673's had the smaller I wanna say 500 radiator with the bottom neck that came out of the bottom of the tank underneath with a 90 degree

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