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Mack Ami & ai engine brake thread


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Hello fellas ,  can we start a tread for posterity for those wanting to retrofit their trucks with an engine brake..what are the best option and things needed in order to accomplish this task.

I would like to start by posting this bulletin on the matter.



PS: if the full bulletin is wanted it can be had free of charge from Mack emedia .just search for the bulletin number sb266017




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The best is a “boots on the ground” thread, A guy dealing with it first hand with a camera and a testimony? Just my opinion.. dig the idea and the effort.

I was about to do a step-by-step CV713 traction control install thread, but it was so nasty and expensive I aborted it. Wabco popped my bubble on cheap, practical, retrofitting. They built the ABS modules as fixed logic, no X-programmability. 

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The used ecm that I was able to get (since mack dealership didn't have one and had to order it , meaning at least a  week of downtime ) came from an Ami 370 like mine..only difference is that it had an engine ...I have the code for the engine brake since my truck didn't come equipped with one..therefore ina sense I'm working backwards to achieve this ...

Macktechnician is right.some one who is currently knee deep in this would be able to give us the details Nitty-gritty details.

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For some reason I don't have pictures from when I did it but I installed a powerleash onto my used engine when I did my swap this winter. The used engine was powerleash ready, but I had to install the locating dowels into the head. It honestly wasn't much of a job to do, I downloaded the service manual from the emedia site so had all the info I needed.  The powerleash looks to be the easier brake to add in my opinion if your working with aset engines.

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