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E7 Exhaust Manifold Interchange


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Exhaust manifold on my 1994 e7 pln mechanical is leaking again. Number 4 flange and also between the turbo and manifold. Few years ago i had it off for leaks and took it to the local machine shop. They put it on a big belt sander and trued up the flanges best they could for me. Then when I switched turbos this past spring I broke a turbo mount stud. Long story short that one got a helicoil and bolt put back in it after a long day of swearing and breaking drill bits. (Was not my day for sure that day) Also this “fix” is probably a big contributor to the leak at the turbo gasket.


Anyway, I am at the point that if she’s leaking again, I think it’s time for a different one to go back in it’s place. The one in place on the motor has long bosses where the studs come through. I have one on my old parts etech that would use Short studs instead. Any reason I can’t put short studs on the pln motor and use the manifold off my old etech? Or any reason I wouldn’t want to? I haven’t done a search yet. Maybe the old longer style are readily available as good used parts still. Not sure what new from Mack would be $$$. Trying to keep it a budget project but get myself back to a good sturdy non-leaker



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