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Ford F-MAX unofficially launched in the UK


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Commercial Motor  /  January 23, 2020

Moody International has sold a left-hand drive Ford F-MAX 4x2 tractor unit in the UK for £75,000 (US$98,035.50).

Although the F-Max is currently available in most of Eastern Europe, Italy, Spain and Portugal, Ford has no plans to officially sell the Turkish-built trucks in the UK.

The Grimsby-based truck dealership sources them from a Ford dealership in Poland. They are covered by a three-year unlimited mileage warranty, which includes breakdown and recovery.

“Keeping these trucks maintained over here is not hard,” said owner Mick Moody. TIP UK has been licensed by Ford to use its maintenance software and to train mechanics to work on the F-Max. And TIP’s branches are around every corner.”

The F-Max, which was crowned International Truck of the Year 2019, uses Ford’s own Euro-6 12.7-litre engine, producing 500hp and 2,500Nm of torque.

Safety features include lane departure warning and emergency braking.

The sleeper cabs have twin bunks, climate control, satellite navigation and, according to Moody, “a really good engine brake”.

The F-Max’s height and width meet UK type approval.

“It’s a lot of truck for the money. And it’s not far off a Volvo and Scania to drive either – it’s really smooth and definitely one to watch. I believe that if Ford was to offer a 6x2 and a 4x2 F-Max over here, they’d take off,” Moody said.



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