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Major Mack Electrical Issue

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I am working on a 2013 Mack GU713, with an MP8 in it. Over the last 2 weeks or so I've put in a new radiator, engine wiring harness, DEF wiring harness, DEF level sensor, engine oil level sensor, water pump, fan clutch, and new batteries. I have also pulled all grounding cables and polished them and the studs they connect to. Now the issue in having is that the truck will run, but for a unknown amount of time before it shuts itself off. When the truck shuts itself off the DEF gauge on the dash goes to empty and the truck will not turn over. Disconnecting the batteries will not reset anything to get the engine running again. The only way I have found to reset everything to get the truck started again is to pull fuse F38 for the engine ECU under the kick panel. When I pull this fuse every time the fuse isn't blown, I've swapped it with other fuses just to be sure. But once I put it back in the Def gauge goes to where it should be and the truck will fire up and run. Sometimes it runs for a few minutes or for a few hours before it shuts itself down again. And I have checked all my connections multiple times from the 2 harnesses I replaced and I have checked all fuses and relays and have wiggled more wires than I knew were there. Also when the truck dies Premium Tech Tool (PTT) doesn't show any codes or problems on the truck, but if you go through the dash to pull codes the only 1 I get is for the engine, its SPN 102 FMI 2. I have searched online and in my books and cannot find this code anywhere. If anybody can help it would be much appreciated to get this truck back to work. 

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