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Superliner II bumper part#

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Can't figure the matter.

I tinker with an idea to order brand new RWII chrome bumper until they're avalible. Remember we discussed a flat bumper with dished towing openings and no fog light holes was  5887-MM0613. Seems like NLA to the moment. There's also 5887-MM0611 which i expect to be the same but with square fog light holes  Can anybody proof that or share different facts? I wouldn't be happy ordering $600 part and finding it wrong after it's on the other side of the waters.


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It took a few days to check on the different bumpers that I have to look at.

The 5887-MM0613 date code 03-19 made by Hendrickson is the bumper with no fog light holes that I got about 4 months ago from my local dealer. By the date code it was made this year. This currently available bumper is steel and chrome plated. It is nice chrome but not show quality, to be expected for the price. The other bumper is stainless with the rectangular fog light holes, same as in your photo, part # 24QL4430M3 date code 08-04 made by Hendrickson. The Hella lights fit perfectly as in the photo as well.

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Thank you for taking the time.

I went through the web once again and it seemed like the only bumper you can purchase at the time is Mack (made by Hendrickson) 5887-MM0611. Unfortunately I couldn't fine any picture of that particular style of the bumper so that's still a mystery.

MM0613 looks good on pics and would work nice for a Superliner but the facility I requested a quote on answered NLA.

Никогда не бывает слишком много грузовиков! leversole 11.2012

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