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06 CHN engine swap ?'s


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I picked up a nicely spec'ed CH a couple weeks ago. Bought it knowing it had an inspection window at number 5 and I would be doing an engine swap. The original engine is an ac460, had around 18k hours and 522k miles, it's going to be a spare parts engine. I picked up an ac380/410 at an auction. Really know nothing about the engine other than it came from a cxn612 and I have the vin from that truck. I work (Field service for a cat dealer) literally next door to a Mack dealer, so getting parts is not problem. 

This is going to be a farm truck that gets 2-3k miles a year absolute tops. My plan is to freshen up the 380/410 mains rods, thermostats and remove the egr while I have the engine out and on the ground.

I've checked with Mack and all the internals between the two engine swap are the same as far as pistons, pumps, injectors and turbo. I plan on swapping Ecm's to get the 460 setting. Other than EUP programming are there other calibrations I'll need done? Turbo, throttle position???

Also, the CX had an air clutch fan vs the electronic viscous on the CH, I prefer the simplicity of the air fan and can't imagine it would take much to make it work on the CH but is the viscous the better choice for any particular reason?

Also the 460 had a  powerleash, the 380 is powerleash ready. I've got the aset manual downloaded and have looked over powerleash bulletins, it looks like the biggest thing is to definitely replace the rocker bolts, other than that it seems as simple as following the adjustment procedures. 

Is there anything else I should do or look at while I have things apart?



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Yes on everything but paragraph 3. Your injector bodies are the same but the tips are different. Your 380/410 has tip 1893 and the 460 is 1894. 

It will be an easy change over. Don’t remove the EGR till the donor engine is in chassis and proven. Once the exchange gremlins are removed and purified....then add your own gremlins. 

How much did you pay for that chassis? That’ll make a fine truck for a grain wagon. 

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Thanks for the heads up on the injectors, I should have 5 good ones from the 460 engine, maybe 6 depending on if the piston made contact. I plan on leaving the egr sensors intact, just going to block off the valve and remove the cooler. 

I paid 4700 for the truck which I felt was pretty fair for an 06. Truck is spec'd great, 14k/46k axles with quad locks in the back, 18sp with a 2 line wet kit, full gauge package and pwr windows/ locks. About as nice of truck as I could ever want. Have 1400 in the used engine and 1k in a set of like new caps for the drives. Figure I should have a damn nice truck for under 10k that should last me practically forever.

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