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Rocker switch query

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Hi all,

my strobe light rocker switch no longer rocks.

I have been unable to find a replacement.


My question, can I use a 4pin switch #1MR4342M9  to replace the broken #1MR4342M50.

The pins appear to be the same arrangement. I have no idea what the difference is between the m50 and m9, and can't find any reference to the m50 on the internet.

I have a 2004 mack vision.



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thanks Alex, much appreciated, I'm in Australia, so hoping to find something a little bit closer.


It's a 2 position, four pin switch. Blades at 2,4, 9 & 10.

The actual wiring harness it plugs to has 5 wires, hmmmm.

I have found one one ebay that seems to be identical, except for the numbers on the side.  I was mostly wondering how relevant that number is, does it have to be exact or is is perhaps a superseded number.


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