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85 RW, front turn signals issues

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I have been going crazy all day yesterday, trying to find the issue. Both left, and right turn signals on my 85 Superliner work as should. The right side marker on the side of the turn signal works as should. The driver side, I can not get the side marker to light up. Now as far as I can see with the test light, there are three wires. Green, black, white. On the right side, I have power to the green (turn signal), black (marker), and assuming the white is the ground with no power on test. Am I correct? Driverside, I am not getting power on the black (marker). I traced it all the way to the firewall, and no power in the wire at all, even out the four way plug. There is power at the junction strip. Is it possible to have a bad ground? and if its a bad ground! Will the turn signal still work, which it does?

Thanks in advance.

Anyone have a wire diagram of that junction block on the firewall. Mine is a mess, because of misc electrical stuff added, and removed over the years. 

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3 hours ago, hatcity said:

did you check the bulb first?

Bulb is good, switched it with the other side. Plus, I put on headlight bezels with an LED strip across the bottom. It will not light either being spliced into the black wire. . 

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Easy way to check ground .  Run the alligator clip end of your test light back to the battery box  (or starter)  and hook it to positive. Now check your wire with it.  Once you have established whether you have ground or not everything will be easier.  Also never take wire colors for granted ..check everything.     leds  only work one way( unlike an incandescent bulb)  so make sure they are not hooked up backwards.

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