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I purchased a boat with a pair of mechanical E7's (dated 1996). One of the engines has a cracked block and I am looking for a replacement - I can find MANY reasonably priced Etech cores, but very few reasonably priced mechanical cores. Engine is out of the boat already. I know the injector pump is good, I know the engine ran until it ripped itself apart (long story). I would prefer to find a core to rebuild, but again, the mechanical engines are few and far between based on what I can find. I may have 1 bad head but I will be having a machine shop look at that. It goes without saying that whatever engine I get will get new liners, pistons, bearings ect. My questions are:

Is there a difference in the blocks for a mechanical E7 vs a later model? 

If I find an Etech core with a good rotating assembly, can I swap everything else over from my engine to make it into a mechanical engine?

Any gotcha's to look out for?

Anyone have a mechanical E7 core that they are looking to sell reasonably : ) ?

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The E7 block is different from the ETECH blocks. Totally different fuel system setups. ETECH has a fuel gallery in the block itself, E7 used a traditional injection pump. Some E7 engines are completely mechanical, like my 1995 e7-350, others are a traditional injection pump with a vmac I or II computer that adjusts injection timing never worked on a vmac I or II. ETECH motors are vmac III. Etecha are great engines, easy to diagnose fault codes, but the fuel side of the block is completely different. Plus the camshaft is different as each fuel injector gets a lobe on the camshaft in addition to the valve lobes.

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