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2000 mack rd e7 allison auto noise

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Ok guys I can't seem to get a break ..

Dump truck 

300 hp e7

Allison auto

Last week the pipe that runs to the back off the turbo broke in half rusted so I replaced it 400.00 smh

2 days later truck started making a noise like something is rubbing 

Truck was loaded asphalt got load off drive it home bout 40 miles took it to the shop another 15 miles had valve adjustment done to check things out everything is good replaced o ring behind oil filter set up as it was leaking thought maybe sucking or blowing air 

Pick truck up they said they didn't find anything but they hear the noise 

The noise co.es and go 

I check turbo wheels no play there no lost of power oil pressure is good like always 30 idle about 50 driving I'm at a lost cant keep tossing money at it 

I'll get a video today of the noise 

Any thoughts to check where to look anything would be appreciated 



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Describe the rubbing noise. Where is it coming from? Any symptoms other than noise? Any circumstances that make the noise more prominent? Steering related? How is your Carrier bearing? (Rubber driveshaft support bearing after trans, before intermediate drive axle)

Any time I buy an auto trans vehicle I take it straight to my trans mechanic to have the trans serviced. On cars/pickups this usually involves fluid flush, new filter, and adjusting a couple of the bands(internal clutches. Yes automatics utilize clutches, some if which need periodic adjustment). 

A good trans shop can run some line pressure tests to see how well your transmission hydraulics are working. Great for finding a blown internal seal. I've done this myself on my dodge Cummins transmission, but I don't have any interest in big rig autos.

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