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Overhaul needed on AI-427? 270,000 miles

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Not my truck yet, but really thinking of buying a 2006 granite tandem dump with a 427 and allison. After running the truck for a 15 minute test drive, I checked the oil fill and blow by tube and definitely pushing some what I think is steam or white smoke. Truck has 270,000 miles showing. Which I thought was low mileage. I am thinking buy it and overhaul right away, or run it till it gets worse and hopefully have the truck make me some money before it ends up in the shop. Of course I could just run and not buy it. Leave the problem with the current owner. 

I took a video of the blow by after the test drive: 

Granite blow by video clip

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There are guys on here picking up government surplus AI Mack engines (new) for dirt. I just found 2 on a surplus auction for June 17 starting at $5 (no idea what the reserve is?). If I had an engine sourced i’d low ball him. When your looking for a gray engine Mack, to buy, carry dip strips in your pocket and check the coolant SCA. If it’s low on cavitation protection consider the engine a liability for sleeve coolant leakage and counterbore cavitation pit damage. Not a Mack fault, folks just need to maintain SCA Nitrite protection and there is no risk to the block. Higher the HP the higher the cavitation risk. 

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