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McColl’s Transport brings International back


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Prime Mover Magazine  /  March 5, 2019

Bulk liquid logistics company, McColl's Transport, has invested in two new ProStar Sleeper Cab prime movers, bolstering a 220-strong fleet of company-owned trucks.

McColl's Transport General Manager – Fleet, John Hovey, told commercial vehicle manufacturer, Iveco Australia, that he sees similar DNA in the International S-Line and ProStar models. He explained that McColl's had invested in International S-Line trucks during the 1980s and 1990s.

“The S-line was just a great fleet truck – it was a world beater,” said Hovey. “It had the right specification for the job and provided outstanding longevity, I see similar fundamentals in the ProStar, although it is a much classier truck than the S-Line ever was.”

Last year, Hovey was convinced by his local International Dealer, Adtrans Trucks, to trial a ProStar with the promise that he would not be disappointed.

“We took one for a few months and found that it did all the right things and the driver acceptance was very positive – it was also returning quite respectable fuel consumption figures of around 1.9 kilometres per litre,” said Hovey.

The two new ProStars are reportedly undertaking linehaul B-Double tanker work along the eastern seaboard as well as to Adelaide. Both trucks feature the Cummins X15 engine rated at 550hp (410kW) and 1850 Lb Ft (2,508 Nm) which are coupled to Eaton 18-speed manual transmissions.

“Another aspect that appealed to us about the ProStar was its proven driveline,” said Hovey. “We have other North American trucks on our fleet with the Cummins and Eaton combination and these drivelines perform very well.”

According to Iveco Australia, McColl's Transport drivers and equipment can clock up some high kilometres each year, meaning that vehicles can be replaced in as little as three or four years, or when they reach the million kilometre mark. It also means that linehaul drivers regularly sleep in their trucks.

To accommodate this extended time on the road, the ProStar sleeper cabin features a 2,250 mm wide sleeper and full height standing cab with storage areas.

“Our drivers sometimes live on the road so it’s important they have a comfortable space to get restful sleep,” said Hovey. “And there’s certainly been no complaints from our drivers about the ProStar’s cabin appointments and comfort levels.”

The two ProStars are part of a fleet expansion program; McColl's Transport also turns over an additional 30 to 40 prime movers a year as part of its fleet renewal process.



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