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Centenary Mack Muster for Gatton

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Owner-Driver  /  February 11, 2019

Mack enthusiasts plan to celebrate 100 years of Macks in Australia at a Mega Mack Muster at Gatton, Queensland, on September 28 and 29.

"The main thing is to tell anyone interested to save the date, because something big is going to be happening in Gatton," says Mack fanatic, Gary Richards.

Gary’s career included roles as Mack National Marketing Manager and Volvo Group Australia National Product Manager. He retired in 2013 and now lives in Bendigo, Victoria, where he maintains a large archive of historic Mack records and photographs.

He has teamed up with fellow Mack lovers Glen Beutel, Russell Simpson and Dennis Taylor to plan the Mack celebration at the Gatton Showgrounds, in conjunction with the Historic Commercial Vehicle Association Queensland (HCVAQ).

Gary hopes the 2019 event will attract Macks representing every decade since their arrival in Australia. The format has not been finalised but is likely to include trophy presentations and an official dinner.

Mack began producing motorised vehicles in the USA in 1900. The centenary celebrations at Gatton will mark the arrival of the first Mack ACs to Australia in 1919.

It is believed none of the ACs which arrived in Australia in 1919 have survived. However, Tony Champion of Rockhampton, Queensland, imported a 1919 AC from the USA five years ago.

Tony describes his AC as ‘a twin’ to the first AC imported to Australia in 1919. "They would have been coming down the assembly line in sight of one another," he suggests.

He plans to take his AC to Gatton for the Mega Mack Muster, along with three or four other Macks from his private collection.

For information about the HCVAQ annual rally and Mega Mack Muster like ‘HCVAQ Inc’ on Facebook or phone HCVAQ President, Ron Carroll, 0402 234 657.



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