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The VMAC 1 and 2 ECMs are getting hard to get from Mack. The part number of the ECM has nothing to do with the HP rating. A 300 HP engine and a 427 HP engine can have the same part number ECM. Also if you do get a new/Reman ECM from Mack it will be blank with the basic program in it, usually 250HP.  Dealership has to program it to a specific VIN , that’s where you get the HP rating. Hopefully Mack Corprate still has a guy to set up the VMAC 1and 2 software for the dealership. A couple years back I tried to do a HP upgrade on a VMAC 2 and Mack corprate had only one guy that knew how to do the older VMACs. He was on a 2 week vacation and I had to wait. As of 3 months ago the VMAC 3’s are still good to go on ECMs and software/HP upgrades. 

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